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Our Story

“9 to 5 the Musical”

 Music & Lyrics by Dolly Parton  Book by Patricia Resnick 

A musical based on the 20th Century Fox Picture 

 Performances October 18th-27th 

Endeavor Hall 6008 Center Street, Clayton, CA 94517   

Violet Newstead-Jeffrie Givens
Doralee Rhodes-Hillary Rogers
Judy Bernly-Victoria Gregory
Franklin Hart, Jr.-James Bradley, Jr.
Roz Keith-Katie Guilbeaux
Joe-Nathan Rogers
Dwayne-Nathan Rogers
Josh-Kenji Costantini
Missy-Desiree Capote
Maria-Susan Yancey
Dick-Dan Eckerman
Kathy-Mary Katherine Patterson
Margaret-Linda Sciaqua
Bob Enright-Kevin Coren
Tinsworthy-Kevin Coren
Ensemble Men-Kevin Coren, Kenji Costantini, Dan Eckerman, Tevin
Ensemble Women-Desiree Capote, Mary Katherine Patterson, Linda
Sciaqua, Susan Yancey


Meet  The Cast ...

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